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The Homestead's Story

From Garden to Plate

The grasshopper symbolizes a leap of faith and a commitment to one's purpose. My goal is to inspire my customers to create new dishes and traditions in their own kitchens, to foster self-sustainability for myself and the planet and to pursue a life's work that honours my family gardening tradition. 

I seek to produce unique products that cannot be found in stores, that are locally grown and produced but are exciting and lead to the creation of new dishes. I hope you take a leap of faith and try a variety of preserves in traditional and new ways, as part of a charcuterie spread, to add a pop of flavour to any dish, as a cocktail garnish or a sweet treat. 

I am committed to sustainability. I reduce food waste by using all parts of the plant wherever possible and by encouraging my customers to return and reuse their jars. I am also conscious of soil health. As a student of horticulture I understand the need to nurture the soil, by avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides and by using organic fertilizers. A dedication to growing the most healthy plant possible will provide the most nutritional benefits for your body.

Gardening to me is a sensory experience tied to memory. It is a life-giving force, passed onto me by my grandparents at a young age. My first memories on my grandparents' farm were the smell of my grandmother's lilies, the crisp taste of her pickles and the sweet moments picking raspberries with my grandfather. They instilled in me the value of hard work and the appreciation for the leap of faith required to reap a harvest. Little did I know the generational skills that I learned on that farm would play such a pivotal role in what I produce today.   

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